Chinos Journey So Far

About a little over a month ago Chino was running around in the yard and he slammer right into the gate. At first he was just limping a little bit. About 2 weeks of him limping we noticed he wasn’t putting any pressure on his right leg, chino wasn’t acting himself anymore. He was whinning and waking me up in the middle of the night crying thats when we new then something was definitely going on and it wasn’t just a little sprain. We made an appointment ASAP with the doctor to have an X-ray done.

We dropped him off on February 3rd for his X-ray, we got a phone call to come in a lil early that he was all done. I was wondering the whole way there wow that was quick!! We go into the room and the news I would of never thought would come out of the doctors mouth was “I’m sorry but it’s not good Chino has bone cancer!!” My heart dropped and I broke down right there!! They also did a scan of his lungs thank god it was clear!! He then gave us 3 options 1. Chemo 2. Amputation 3. Put to sleep. Of course my 1st thought was #2 amputation I looked at my husband and told him I can’t loose my baby boy!! He was on the defense he’s not young anymore he’s going to be 10 he’s not going to do good “bla bla bla” is all I heard coming out of his mouth lol.

The ride home from the vet was very quite and ALOT of crying!! We got home and had to break the news about Chino to our children my son 11 and daughter 5 it was the HARDEST thing I do was tell them that he’s very sick and he might not make it. After a very long talk and alot of tears I made the decision to amputate. I couldn’t live with myself knowing what if!! I didn’t want to give up on my baby.

I scheduled his surgery for Feb 8th, 3 days before his surgery he wasn’t himself sleeping all day not getting up to drink or eat and even to use the bathroom. I laid down next to him and he was burning up, I took his temp and it went up so fast he had a temp of 104° I called the vet and they said to bring him to the ER right away. He was also having a lot of diarrhea with blood in it. So I get to the ER and they kept him over night started him on IV fluids and strong pain meds. They also suggested to do a sono of his stomach to make sure everything was ok. They called me with an update the next morning at 6am and he’s was doing very well with the IV treatments and his scan came back normal thank god!! Chino looked Soooo MUCH better when i went to pick him up!! They sent us home with anti diarrhea meds cause if he kept having it they would of had to cancel his surgery.

Wednesday Feb 7th we dropped Chino off in the evening they wanted to start him on IV fluids and pain meds. They said he would have his surgery sometime in the afternoon. So I called in the am to see how he was doing and I was shocked to hear Chino just got out of surgery hold on you can speak to his doctor. He said everything went very well and they are waking him up right now “oh how happy I was.” He said they removed his leg and they also removed his lymph node in his arm so they can send it out for a biopsy to make sure it didn’t spread.

I called for updates at least 3-4 times a day I was a worried mommy lol. That night I called to see how he was they said they couldn’t believe he just had surgery that he was doing excellent!! They took him for his first lil walk and he wanted to run lol. Everyday he was getting better.

Finally Saturday came and we got to take him home I was one happy mommy!! Chino was sooooooo happy to see us that he cried and whinned the whole drive home.

The 1st night homewent very well. I kept waking up every hour thinking I would hear him crying in pain like he use to. Nope the only crying I heard from him was to come up on the bed to sleep with me 😆😆. Everyday he was getting better and better!!

We found out last week that his biopsy came back NEGATIVE!!!! The cancer didn’t spread to his lymph nodes!! The weight on my heart felt light as a feather and I cried happy tears since this all started. I thanked his doctor Dr. Mark Verdino for saving my baby!!

We just took Chino back today for his follow up appointment. He’s healing very well, they removed mostly all of his stitches except for 2 that still needed to stay in. We have a other appointment for this Friday to have them removed.

Chino is adapting very well with just 3 legs he is back to his happy-go-lucky self. Jumping and now hopping along very well!!

1st day home
2nd Day
3rd Day So happy to be sleeping on the bed
5th Day 🤗🤗 no more bleeding!!
6th Day Almost a week!!
The Day I Beat Cancer 2/16/17
2 Weeks Today I Got most of my stitches out!!